Snow day

Last Thursday and Friday St. Louis was hit with a major winter storm. It was a majority Ice than snow combination. As I stayed inside with a cup of coffee by my side I wondered what my 10 year old self would have been doing while the first couple inches were falling down outside. 10 year old me would be “suiting up”, grabbing supplies out of the closet to make a snowman and my red sled. 21 year old me thought, how cold it might be out there? and how am I going to get to school in this? (At this time of the morning I did not know if classes were going to be canceled).

Once I got the e-mail saying that classes are canceled indefinitely I felt like i was 10 years old again. I suited up. I grabbed my warmest long sleeves, gloves, hoodie and scarf. To make sure I did not get snow in my pants I threw on my Blackhawks sweater and velcro’d it to my pant loophole. I was set. Called up several friends and made plans to go sledding at Art Hill. Problem was, we did not have sleds.

We made a late trip to Walmart with no luck. Went to an empty Target store finding one last “sled” and an inner tube, which worked famously. What surprised me during our 9:30 walmart/target run was that they was no one out and about. It really felt like the zombie apocalypse. Empty stores with the entertainment section still blaring, soft shopping music coming out of the ceiling and the whole stores to ourselves. When St. louis gets hit with a snow storm they freak out. They go to Shnucks and buy everything! Booze, food, cigarettes.

My friends and I got to Art Hill and It was packed! So many people on the entire hill. The only time I had every seen Art Hill that packed was during the spring/summer when it was really nice out and people were to doing activities on the pond, sun bathing or seeing the newest exhibit at the SLAM. We probably stayed there for at least 3 hours and when we people were still on their way up the hill. Image

It was a fun evening in STL and it was not even the weekend yet. 


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