Wednesdays are the most difficult days of the week.

My wednesday go as so. Wake up at 8 am, Run on the treadmill for an hour, eat breakfast/brunch, take prescribed medications, Philosophy, six hour break, then three hour night class. I do not get back to my apartment until 10-10:30 at night. 

I try to motivate myself on Wednesdays and work the hardest since it is my toughest day of the week for myself. It really does not help when I have been sick since Sunday. It really dampers things in my schedule since I operate on a check list kind of day. 

Today’s philosophy lecture had to do with Moreland’s Dualism, the idea that the Mind and body are two seperate entities and that they operate separate from each other. Being sick and off my prescribed medication made this lecture very thick and uninteresting. Not a good feeling for my typical Wednesday. 

This lecture did get me thinking, What if I am sick and disinterested because I am off my prescribed medications? Professor did say that PHysicalism is based on our atoms. We make every decision by the way our atoms react. His example was that If you have a headache, and I [prof] give you medicine for your headache, it will change the atoms in your body and you will feel different. 

The way I understood it is that our (my) thought process is based on chemical reactions in my brain which is dependent on my brain chemistry which is based on the atoms in my body. This is one reason that I feel could be why I have not been feeling myself since this past weekend. Or I could really be sick and I just do not want to be at school right now. 

I dislike philosophy, but I am using this feeling of disapproval of myself to keep working and competing against my sick self with or without my medication. Because The main goal is to reach my potential. Make me better physically and mentally.

This is my medication for now on:




Hope everyone has a great Hump dayImage


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