Re-applying go big or go home

first step is always the hardest. I’m trying to return to the University that let me go a year ago and applying as a transfer is the first step. This is about wanting it. This is not going to work out if I am forced to re-apply. It comes from within me. 

Things that I have realized while being away is mostly personal growth than anything. Being “away” does not really mean away from society, or taking a year off, which would be the worst thing I could have done but a break from University and at a Community college. I have learned a lot about myself: my work ethic, my mindset and my priorities as a full student. 

The second step is writing a personal statement. The university requires not only my grades from previous institutions but a personal taste of who the student is. This is a tough one because I do not necessarily trust my writing skills. How does one explain briefly that I am desperate, If I don’t get accepted here then I’m going home. Now that i think about it, it literally is GO BIG OR GO HOME.


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