BRB going to the PHILIPPINES

in Korea

in Korea

At the moment i am not in my apartment in STL or in my basement in my home in Chicago. I am in the wonderful country that is the Philippines.
a little over a week ago I was in my bed sleeping the day away. five days ago i get the word that were going on a trip to the other side of the world! back to my home land. well, not MINE but my parents homeland. We have not been back to the Philippines since the early 90’s. I could barely remember anything at that age. two days ago as a family we jumped on a plane and headed out to Korea, a 13 hour flight, then from there, Manila airport.
The heat hits you like a Jeepney packed with 19 people in the back. the days will be sticky. the showers will be cold but i believe that this trip is the thing that will help me personally.
When your lost, the best thing to do head back to home. A familiar place to get your head right. Go backwards to go farther than ever. Start from the bottom and rebuild. Waiting at home was miserable, it reminded me of last summer when i was asked to leave university and did not tell my parents until a week before class started. This trip might just help me clear my head and give me sense of release from what may or may not happen in a month or two.

its day 2 now in the PI and i’m loving every second of it. definitely updating this to account with anything and everything.


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