IN the Philippines they are on every street!

roosters like on the farm but contained on the streets in a cage. So i guess they’re not as free as they think they are. I also do not see the point in having them around. Yes they crow/screach/cock-a-doodle-do all morning but some of them do that in the late afternoon. Are they not from this time zone? are they waking up people in a different part of the world? if they are squaking and crowing at 6 pm manila time, does that mean they’re trying to wake up people in E.S.T where it’s around 5:am? Does that mean they are american Roosters? maybe American and Filipino Roosters do not like each other and that’s why they are in cages. That would make a better campaign for cock fights that usually happen behind closed doors…or invisible door…or just on the street. 

it’s way too early to be writing this. This entry is about Roosters, My theory of how and why they do what they do, the feud between American and Filipino Roosters and how they are annoying. Thank you. 


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