2 weeks since Manila

Sorry if i haven’t blogged in a while but internet was very hard to come by while in Manila. So I wrote things down in my little journal type thing. first of all my hand writing is shit. Like, I can barely read all my notes that i somehow scribbled onto paper. Living in 2013 kids mostly type shit now a days but its cool.
I’m currently home back in st. louis living the summer out in my apartment before I return HOME HOME in Chicago to start a new chapter in my life. While i was abroad I got the news that I was not approved to return to University.
That’s primarily on my mind at the moment. I’m in the process of realizing and planning the next move in my life. Bare with me as, this (blog) is where i’ll be sharing my thoughts and problems. Here goes nothing as I share my new way of thinking during my time of defeat.

I’ll be reliving my 3 weeks in the philippines here and hopefully find some sort of inspiration to what i want to do next/soon in the future. These are my stories.


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