3:00 am thoughts

while walking home from the bars in north chicago i realized something. I was walking down the middle of the street at 2:30 in the morning. Nothing around me. No cars, No people and no reason to tell me to get on to the perfect sidewalk made on either edge of me. I grew up in a neighborhood that did not have any sidewalks so i literally grew up walking on the streets.
Back then I was walking to and from a friends house or to school and back home. Tonight I was walking back from a bar down middle of the street to home and with two perfectly constructed sidewalks on either side of me I decided to walk down the middle, on the street.
What does it mean to me at this particular time in my life i was thinking. Do these sidewalks signify the perfectly constructed lines I must walk to get to my designated goal or location? And while these “sidewalks” were constructed for that very purpose i choose to walk on the “street”?
By walking on the “street” I am still getting to my end location. My goal, My home. I could take the designated path to my goal but I can also take the “street”. But I am still accomplishing my goal in getting home. These are my 3:00 am thoughts.


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